Danielle Staub’s Ex Reveals A Coke Whore Past (Giudice Was Right!)

Real Housewives of New Jersey bad girl Danielle Staub has always been known for having quite a soiled past. And that shit is not going away quietly. Her ex-husband Kevin Maher recently testified about Danielle’s life when she was still known as Beverly Merrill.

Maher reports in a videotaped deposition in May 2010 that he wed Danielle (even though he was already married) in 1988 because otherwise their dating could have sent her to prison for parole violation seeing as he was a convicted felon.

He says their relationship was marked by copious amounts of cocaine (“just about every day of our lives”), sex (saying Danielle is a nymphomaniac and that they were having sex at least 4 times a day), and violence (“I can’t recall a time where I hit her that I was not defending myself”).

Sounds like Danielle alright. The testimony is part of a lawsuit Maher filed against Staub for what he claims are untrue statements she has made against him. She’s alleged that Maher raped her on a bed of glass, inserted a gun into her vagina and played Russian roulette, and killed her dog by hanging it.

My real question is – did Bravo know what the hell this woman was all about when they asked her to be on RHONJ? I mean, she’s ratings gold, but damn she’s a stockpile of human garbage!