Danielle Staub’s Ex-Husband Says She’s A Huge Liar

Well, here’s a story that made me lose my lunch. Danielle Staub claims her ex-husband raped her, abused her and killed her dog, but he says all of this is BS. They both honestly seem to be full of it in my opinion.

In October, Kevin Maher filed a $5 million lawsuit after the Real Housewife made some disgusting allegations against him. The deposition is scheduled for July. The claims she made are separate from the more general claims she made in her new memoir The Naked Truth.

Maher says his ex is claiming “that I raped her on a bed of broken glass, inserted a handgun in her
vagina and played Russian roulette….[that] I killed her dog…The
list just goes on and on…The woman is insane.” UGH. Even just saying those kinds of things out loud to a reporter makes me think this guy is a sleaze bag. But then again, Staub, pictured at NY Fashion Week on Feb. 16, IS totally insane.

And why were these two ever together again? Oh yeah, they just snorted coke and had sex all the time (is that the reason for this hilarious statement?).

“Our whole relationship was about sex,” Maher said. We had sex from the time we woke
up in the morning to when we went to sleep, and even during sleeping.
It was all about sex and cocaine,.” Lovely.