Danielle Staub Is Fiaahhhhed

Oh snap.  Remove thine hair extensions and CZ rings, because it’s on.  Life & Style reports that Real Housewives Of New Jersey’s Danielle Staub was fired from the third season of the Garden State installment.  One can only imagine who’s going to replace the “burlesque” stunnerKim G, mayhaps? She’s been jonesin’ for a spot on the franchise the entire season, showin’ off the gams (inappropriate) and hitting up every public appearance possible.

Staub, pictured here attending the Casio ‘Shock the World’ event at The Manhattan Center on August 2 in New York City, isn’t sweating it.  She’s convinced she’ll get her own spin-off because, well, that’s what happens when you’re a “star” (I use that term loosely).

“I don’t know if there are talks right now about a third season of the
show, but I’m more excited about talks of my spin-off than anything

One can only imagine the misfits that show will feature.  Please let Danny and Silent Joe share the headline with Staub, pleeeeeaaaaaase.

The season finale will air next Monday on Bravo, and the reunion (I don’t know why they do this to us) will air in two parts-August 30th and September 6th.