Danielle Staub Hates Elvira Grau, Still Playing Lesbian For Now

The Celebrity Magnet, Tom Murro, has given us some dish on the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Danielle Staub. Murro was at a birthday party that Damon Dash was throwing for a friend when he ran into Staub and her girlfriend Lori Michaels.

Lori was the gal Danielle sang with on Andy Cohen’s show a few weeks back that made everyone go, “Wait…She’s a lesbian?!?” I still don’t believe it…I believe someone is pulling a Kim Zolciak on us.

However, Murro says they were very PDA and he chatted with Danielle and complimented their performance and when he shared that he lived in the same town as Dina Manzo, she replied, “I feel sorry for you, honey!”

He then got out his trusty flip-cam and asked if she wanted to see the video he had of Elvira Grau, and she said, “I have no interest in seeing that bitch and I don’t even watch the show.” Meow! Somebody must be missing penis to be so damn bitter.

He said Lori was a delight and was very polite and sweet and even came over to say goodbye before she left! Check out his pictures from the party in the gallery below!