Danielle Staub Films First Music Video For ‘Cry,’ Your Ears Will Do Exactly That

The return of Stauby! Former RHONJ star Danielle Staub has apparently shot her first music video for the song “Cry,” a song that highlights the issue of domestic violence. Staub shot part of the video at a women’s shelter in New Jersey last month.

“Danielle talked to all the women. It was a very emotional day,” said one source. “She was so touched she even said she was going to send a box of things to the women at the shelter that they can all use.”

“Everyone volunteered their time to put the video together for such a great cause to help end domestic violence.”

Hear the song after the jump!

Proceeds from the track will be donated to charity (so we’re told) and Staub told Entertainment Weekly that she was proud of the song that Lori Michaels, her girlfriend, wrote. The couple are seen above celebrating Staub’s birthday last month.

“It is going to be definitely one of the first times people are literally going to be able to hear and feel what it is like to be, not only mentally and sexually abused, or physically abused, but even in a relationship that went bad,” she said.

Because there have never been songs written about any of those things, especially people who go through bad relationships. Ps: This song/her voice is absolute shit. Geri Halliwell sings better.