Danielle Staub Celebrates Her Birthday At Strip Club – Go Figure

Danielle Staub decided to celebrate her 48th birthday at Scores, with Kim G. there (even after that fallout?) as the date of Tom Murro, The Celebrity Magnet. Danielle’s girlfriend Lori Michaels was also in attendance and the pair got to do some dirty dancing and I think they performed that song yet again.

Apparently Danielle was pissed that Kim was there and refused to get out of her limo until she was kicked out of the event. Oh Danielle…always hiding out in the car!

Recently this housewife was joined by her New Jersey crew to tape the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion episode that will air in the weeks following the season finale on Aug. 30.

Dina Manzo did not show up to the taping to make it clear that she’s done with the show and with Staub, who brought her girlfriend to the taping.

“The reunion was crazy, exhausting and unbelievable,” Teresa Guidice tells Life & Style, to which Bravo’s Andy Cohen seconds, “It was nuts, absolutely nuts!” It’s been reported that the taping lasted nearly 12 hours!

Here’s a gallery of Danielle walking the red carpet at her own birthday part!