Danielle Fishel Through The Years Leading To This Year’s Maxim Shoot [PHOTOS]

Boy Meets World Spinoff
Ben Savage & Danielle Fishel to reprise Boy Meets World roles.
What is 5’1″, blonde, and has obnoxious bangs? Topanga!

Danielle Fishel who played Topanga on Boy Meets World is stripping down for Maxim’s April 2013 cover.

Considering that Fishel and Tiffani Thiessen were most boy’s dream girlfriend growing up in the 90s, this magazine shoot is going to make some men pretty happy.

Sadly, Fishel has been brought up recently because of her weight gain. Shame on you people!

In 2006 she lost 28 pounds and was the spokesperson for Nutrisystem. Fishel reportedly pigged out after her Nutrisystem ad photo shoot.

“I had a grilled cheese, fries and a milk shake. It was not a maintainable weight for me.”(via People)

According to PopSugar The Dish host suffered from an eating disorder during her teen years on Boy Meets World, trying to keep her 24-inch waist by hiding her lunch, taking laxatives, and making herself throw up.

That brings a tear to my eye. I am glad she is at one with herself now and comfortable with her body. I like the curves Fishel, work it!

The world can tune in to see their beloved Topanga all grown up in the spinoff Girl Meets World. I am quite nervous about this show and Hollywood is obviously out of ideas. It could possibly be good or be a complete train wreck.

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