Daniel Smith To Be Buried Today

After 39 days of confusion and much speculation–including a non-legally binding marriage between Anna Nicole Smith and her lawyer–Daniel Smith’s young body is finally going to be put to rest. ET reports:

ET has learned that a private memorial service with about 25 guests in attendance will be held this afternoon. Daniel will reportedly be buried at the island’s Lake View cemetery wearing a trucker cap, t-shirt and blue jeans — items that are said to be his favorite type of clothing. Sources tell ET that his grieving mother will be wearing a black dress and veil specially made for the occasion by close friend POL ATTEU, the Beverly Hills couture designer who also made her wedding dress in a last-minute request for the commitment ceremony to HOWARD K. STERN.

That last tidbit of info leads me to imagine Mary Hart walking up to Anna Nicole Smith, mic in hand, “So, Anna in this moment of grief and sadness, you know it pains me to ask, but I simply must–WHO are you wearing? Cause you look amazing!”