The Inquest Into Anna Nicole Smith’s Son’s Death Began

November 20th, 2007 // 9 Comments

And look who’s in the hizzy – Anna Nicole’s Moms! She’s always around, sniffing for the money and looking like Ursula the Seawitch. Daniel Smith died at Doctors Hospital in the Bahamas, three days after his half-sister Dannielyn was born to his mom Anna Nicole Smith. The inquest into his death began on Monday after many delays and his Mom’s husband and lawyer Howard K. Stern was called to testify. The inquest was originally supposed to have begun in October of 2006, but the case was so mixed up that it has resulted in a decision by the Bahamian Supreme Court Chief Justice disbanding the cornoner’s court.

The inquest was delayed again when Stern was didn’t love the jury selection process because he was not allowed to ask questions of potential jury members.

Other witnessess testifying yesterday included Stern, a criminal records officer who was in charge of Daniel’s autopsy photos, a Bahamiam official who testified to Daniel’s demeanor at the airport, and the anesthesiologist who tried to revive Daniel. It’s nice to see that they can do the opposite of their chosen profession. Howard K. Stern is SO screwed. They found every drug but Viagra in Daniel’s body, and you know he was getting em’ from somewhere. Hey, he was able to keep Anna drugged and pliable to keep the money coming all those years – why not the kid? Dannielyn’s actually lucky that hairdo addict Larry Birkhead ended up with her, otherwise Stern would be feeding her Aqua Dots to keep her in line.

Photos: WENN

By J. Harvey

  1. JESUS CHRIST, GOOD LORD, WHOLY CRAP and all!! This woman is your worst nightmare……coming to life. Now I’ve seen this machine it’s No surprise at all, ann nicole commit suicide. It was a safe choice!! On the other hand: owen “pinokkio” wilson should have a good conversation with her before killing himself!! He will be happy to go…

  2. T-Bone

    You know…the more I think about the death of Anna’s son and the death of Anna (mixed with some sketchy video tapes of Howard Stern and other information), the more I think there was indeed foul play involved. Don’t get me wrong —- I’m definitely not a fan of Anna Nicole’s mom, Virgie (or whatever the h*ll her name is), but something just isn’t right about all of this. They should continue to investigate all angles — including Howard Stern.

  3. Ugh

    She was a drug user who obviously OD’d and her son was doing drugs too. Why won’t they let this shit go? And Mommie Dearest should stay the hell out of everything. She’s only wanting money and has shown her true colors many time. Anna hated her mother and now she wants to act as though they were so close. Sickening. Let these people rest in peace.

  4. stolidog

    Is that Peter Griffin in drag?

  5. T-Bone

    Two people dead, a mother and a son within a month’s time. As Judge Judy said, “what are the odds of that, and who gained something from it?”

    If Anna Nicole’s estate ever wins that money from J. Howard Marshall’s estate, that makes Anna Nicole’s little girl a billionaire, doesn’t it? Indirectly, that makes Larry Birkhead a billionaire, correct? And who else???? Hmmm…something with which to ponder. Yes, Anna was on drugs and so was her son, but something’s fishy — two people dead in a very short time, and a little baby born to inherit it all… Perhaps the conspiracy theory between Mr. Birkhead and Mr. Stern isn’t so crazy after all.

  6. cheese toast

    Roflmao at the aqua dots , J Harv you are so funny . I love you.

  7. jane_smith

    I think the aqua dots line just made me pee a little!!!

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