Daniel Radcliffe Comes Clean With Our Lady J In ‘Out’

With Harry Potter finally tucked away under his belt, Daniel Radcliffe talked with his pal Our Lady J for OUT magazine about LGBT rights and his dating life and how he sees his career evolving.

Here is a brief snippet and some fun and interesting (as always) photos by Terry Richardson in the gallery below!

Our Lady J:  Are we allowed to talk about your love life?

Daniel Radcliffe: Yes. It’s very uninteresting, but you’re more than welcome to.

OLJ: What’s happening?

DR: I was in a relationship with somebody for just about three years, and we broke up just shortly before we hit that mark. But [the breakup] was very amicable. At the moment, I’m just being single and running around chasing girls. [Laughs] I’m not getting too many responses, but, yes, I’m having a go. I’m also starting to go on dates for the first time. I’ve never really done it because all my girlfriends that I’ve ever met, I’ve met through work. So we got to know each other really well at work and then kind of ended up going out.

OLJ: What is it like to go on dates as Daniel Radcliffe?

DR: It’s quite nerve-racking because it’s not something I’m used to. Not that I struggle with talking, but I have this incredible anxiety about awkward silences and pauses and all that stuff, which I think everybody worries about. But I get quite wound up about that beforehand. I do actually manage to get quite chatty in the end — probably too much — and probably a bit boring. I just try to make girls laugh. That’s really the only thing I’m particularly good at on dates.

I can see him trying to crack jokes and such but I think it’s harder for me to imagine him being serious and romantic. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 is in theaters November 19.