Daniel Radcliffe and Lily Rabe Read For New Film

While it was rumored that Daniel Radcliffe and Lily Rabe were reading for an adaptation of Nicholas SparksThe Lucky Ones, it turns out it was actually for a film called Nothing Else Like It On Earth. An insider told MTV News that the new film being produced doesn’t even have financing lined up yet, and the casting has not been set. The film is about the building of the Brooklyn Bridge for which Nathan Lane and Sigourney Weaver also read.

“If they cast the line-up that was at the reading yesterday it
will be quite the cast,” the insider shared. “Lily Rabe played the role
opposite [Daniel]. She did a pretty incredible job.” Radcliffe could also put that new sweet NYC pad to use while the film shoot, presumably in New York.

The leaks began with a producer who Tweeted about what a fabulous reading the Harry Potter star gave, followed by Tweets that she was meeting with the director of Lucky Ones. Maybe Daniel, pictured in New York City today, is starring in both! But what are these people doing tweeting about casting choices? Seems a tad unprofessional, no?