Daniel Radclife Speaks Out Against Homophobia After Teenage Suicides

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe said he was “heartbroken” over the suicides of Tyler Clementi and Seth Walsh, two gay teenagers who were bullied by their peers. Radcliffe is involved with the Trevor Project, a free 24-hour GLBT youth suicide hotline, and told MTV news how important being a part of this cause is to him.

“Learning about the suicide deaths of Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh, Asher
Walker, Billy Lucas and Justin Aaberg has been heartbreaking for me.
These young people were bullied and tormented by people that should
have been their friends,” Radcliffe said, pictured at the Framers Gallery in London on Sept. 9. “We have a responsibility to
be better to each other, and accept each others’ differences regardless
of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ability, or religion and
stand up for someone when they’re bullied.”

Radcliffe said in a video interview (check it out after the jump) that he grew up around gay men and never realized the extent of discrimination that existed in the community until he got older.

“Now I’m in a position where I can help an amazing thing like the Trevor Project,” Radcliffe said.