Daniel Dae Kim from “Lost” Arrested for DUI

October 25th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Sure, he’s smiling big now and looking very well-behaved in his dapper suit, but Daniel Dae Kim of “Lost” fame has just earned himself a DUI, but at least he’s not alone. Past stars from the show, who have been arrested for the very same charge include Michelle Rodriguez, who was just recently sentenced to serve time, and Cynthia Watros. The arrest took place early this morning at approximately 3 a.m., when Kim was pulled over in Hawaii. Details of the arrest have yet to be made public, but it appears that the star was released a few hours later that morning, after he’d been booked and his bail had been posted. Seriously, guys, this is something I might expect from the cast of “According to Jim,” but you guys? I’m not angry, just disappointed.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Smug&Fug

    I’ll be angry for you. Leave disappointment for their mommas. Pieces of shit think they have the right to put everyone else in danger.. I’m not just referring to celebs but anyone who drinks and drives. I wish a slow and horrible death on them all. (Especially the biggest piece of shit all… Reefer Keefer).

  2. fashionbigot

    Uh oh. Every person that has gotten a DUI has been kicked (killed) off the show. He’s a very popular character – I wonder if they are going to kill him off too.

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