Daniel Craig Will Give You The Watch Off His Wrist

It’s been reported that Daniel Craig has requested extra security for his stint on Broadway in A Steady Rain opposite Hugh Jackman, however, these pictures of Craig mixing and mingling with fans just outside the theater paint a very different picture of the actor.

While Daniel’s clearly not afraid to pose for fan photos–even when unsolicited–after meeting Tom Murro and his wife, Kelly, Craig went above and beyond. Murro explains that he complimented the James Bond action star on the watch he was wearing, to which Daniel replied, “I could spare one and it’s yours if you want it.” Too shocked to accept, Tom politely declined, much to the chagrin of his better half.

Well, would you look at that? I bet Daniel would give you the mustache off his lip, if you asked him nicely.

Gallery Info: Daniel Craig, looking dapper in a Dunhill scarf, poses with fans outside the theater on Broadway where he is performing in A Steady Rain.