Daniel Craig To Go Full Frontal In New Bond Film

March 22nd, 2006 // 17 Comments

A nude James Bond? Oh my. How vulgar. Daniel Craig is not stranger to going full frontal on film, so why not bring his willingness to go nude to James Bond?

The hunky actor and co-star Eva Green have agreed to shoot full frontal sex scenes in the movie – dubbed “moonie-raker” by the crew because of the amount of flesh on show.

In one scene, Bond is seen naked on a yacht with French beauty Eva – who plays double agent Vesper Lynd – in just a sarong. Craig, 38, then gets to whip off the skimpy garment before the pair go skinny-dipping.

An insider is quoted in Britain’s Daily Star newspaper as saying: “Another scene is set in a hotel room. The script simply says: ‘Bond and Vesper make reckless love and destroy the room’.

“It’s frenzied and very, very passionate. Bond fans won’t have seen anything like it before.” The insider added: “She wants to show the world that Craig is all man. He has no problems with full-frontal nudity and it shows. Prepare for some jaw-dropping love scenes.”

Daniel Craig’s naked Bond [FemaleFirst]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. King Smart Ian

    “jaw dropping”? James Bond gets oral?

  2. mutterhals

    More full frontal male nudity, please!!!!

  3. nat

    full frontal would be great if he had something to show but he barely has anything there….

  4. Ria

    Geez. No amount of full frontal would make up for his ugly face. Still am not going to see this turkey.

    What next? Real sex scenes in the movie?

  5. Cheesy

    Full frontal?

    Honey, if you gotta be flashin’ it in everyone’s face to offer it, obviously no one is wanting it any other way.

  6. Small Fry

    Queue lights and Hallelujah song please.

  7. Shana

    what else could possibly go wrong for this movie?

  8. doofus

    miun, can we see the uncensored version of that pic please?

  9. Violet

    Oh lordy. Eva’s no stranger to nudity, either. Guess it has to make up for her sub-par acting?

  10. artermis

    Here’s the uncensored version of the pic:


  11. Violet

    I most certainly did not enjoy… LOL

  12. keith Cohn

    I have no probs with the nudity, lack of gadgets or tuxedos as long as it doesnt suck as much as the past..oh..two decades of Bond. I wasnt a big fan of Roger Moore but Timothy Dalton, the 5ft8, 135pds Pierce Brosnan and all the video game directors of the past 2-3 movies have made it that there wasnt a difference between seeing Vin Diesel in XXX or …what the hell was the last Bond film called with halle berry? The one with the ice house….God that sucked.
    Right now the only thing they could do to make it worse than the previous crap is having Bond goatse the crowd or Lee Tamahori who directed the last Bond play a role he is very familiar and good at tranny hooker…

    That’s why having a prequel makes perfect sense, there is no need for the new actor/director to rehash all the cliches of Bond.

  13. sodoff

    Evan Green is very pretty, LOL but I bet it won’t be like the sex scene with Vince Gallo in that movie he directed…umm, waht was it called?

  14. Joemizzle

    What BS… there’s no way there’s going to be full frontal in a bond movie… that would get an R rating and MGM sure as shit won’t let Bond go to an R rating and mess up it’s marketing and target audiences…

    This report is bogus.

  15. las

    Is that pic from Bond or from some other nekkid scene he’s done?

    Anyways, if the size of that blotch is any indicator, there ain’t much to see…

  16. Better this than his eyebrow/lipless face. And the way the blue spot is big… Would we see anything?

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