Daniel Craig and I Feel That Bond Should Bat For the Other Team

ContactMusic reports that Daniel Craig is down with 007 getting with the D.

Daniel Craig is urging movie bosses to revolutionise the JAMES BOND franchise by including a gay scene involving the superspy in the follow-up to CASINO ROYALE. The heart-throb actor has also reportedly told studio chiefs he is prepared to film a full frontal nude scene to please both his male and female admirers. He says, “Why not? I think in this day and age, fans would have accepted it. “I mean, look at (British TV series) DOCTOR WHO – that has had gay scenes in it and no one blinks an eye.”

Amen, brotha!

Craig has my vote for hottest Bond. And it’s not just because he’s apparently sexually free-wheeling and spent quite awhile tied naked to a chair in Casino Royale. He has this blonde no-nonsense violent gorilla thing going on. Casino Royale was boss, and it was because he trimmed away layers of cheese and got to the nitty gritty of the whole series – Bond’s a guy who kills people for queen and country.

Oh, and note to self – add Dr. Who to Netflix list.