Daniel Craig Catches A Bus

Daniel Craig is 40 and kickass. Here he is performing a stunt sequence for the new Bond film, Quantum of Solace. Craig is filming in Siena, Italy and looking action-packed.

As depicted, Craig was helped by a wire and knee pads under his pants. But still – he’s jumping on a moving bus! I don’t even like to board those things the right way. There’s always someone singing about Jesus or a man gently massaging his area and looking at me. I was made for cabs. Ok, I was made for my Scion. Shut up!

Daniel was kind of made to look like a vagina in Chile recently, when the mayor of Baquedano drove his car onto the set. He was protesting his village representing Bolivia. What’s he got against Bolivia?

“When I drove onto the set, Daniel Craig was filming. I put my vehicle between the camera and the actor, who has nothing in common with the secret agent 007, as he fled in terror,” Mayor Carlos Lopez said.

Well, someone’s all tough in his Honda Accord! Someone’s got Bolivia hatred aggression!

Photos: INFDaily.com

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Photos: INFDaily.com

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