Daniel Craig To Serve On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Four More Times

October 29th, 2007 // 12 Comments

Daniel Craig’s the hotness. I love the stylish suit, the facial hair, the whole bit. I’m not sure what massage parlor he got that out of but I’ll stop right there. “Casino Royale” was such a hot flick that I can’t get too shady on whatever choice of companion that is. Seriously, it looks like he liberated her from slavery on Paradise Island. And it was a long time in bondage for that one. Yikes. Ok, I’m done. Dan’s signed on to do four more James Bond flicks! *cue James Bond theme and J. trying his best to look mysterious and French like Vesper Lynde*

The Hollywood Reporter sat down with MGM head Harry Sloan, who called franchises “the base of any studio” and that is why he “signed Daniel Craig to do four more James Bond films.”

The next Bond film, Bond 22 (the sequel to the 2006 film Casino Royale), will be directed by Marc Forster (Monster’s Ball).

Filming is set to begin this January in the UK, Italy, Austria, Panama and South Africa.

They need to work on that name. But I am so in line for it. Will he be repeating the walking out of the water with those short shorts on? And will he be sitting naked on a chair with no bottom again? Ok, the coiled rope in the nuts part was a little much, but the brotha has a nice shape to him. Can I buy tickets now?

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

By J. Harvey

  1. stolidog

    He is just wicked hot.


  2. Jackie

    Guh. The suit. *dies*

  3. tasty treat

    He is such a tasty treat. And WHAT was she thinking when she left the house. Really, you can’t be seen with such a sharp dresser unless you are up to it. What are those $5 sandals she is wearing? I am SO disappointed in her!

    Back to Daniel… he is such a tasty treat…

  4. What!! I think that she looks wonderful. She looks fresh and simply elegant without trying. The shoes are the hotness. You don’t have to be gussied up like a trollop everytime you go out. She has got a great body so the simple frock does her well.

  5. marni

    I agree with Tasty Treat.The girlfriend’s “get-up” as my mother would call it is awful!

  6. queencrone

    She DOES look cute, just not coordinated with HIM.
    She’s too casual for what he’s wearing. I feel ,judging from her expression in these pictures, she KNOWS.

  7. Myself

    Why to be funny you tend to be so racist…. sometimes… why an asian looking girl should be only find in massage parlors ? Come on….

  8. Australian

    I’m in agreement about your racism. It really got to me when I read that. It’s just so ignorant and unnecessary. It makes me very sad. I’m gonna say goodbye to a Socialite’s Life I’m afraid. I’ve been reading you for a long time. It’s been fun, you’re a good writer.

  9. Kate

    Have all of you seen his PENIS? It’s microscopic.

  10. nastybugger

    she doesn’t look like a trollop, but it’s not like the only other alternative is the “waitress from Caesar’s Palace” look.

    she looks silly…unless it’s a costume, in which case, it’s not bad.

    and kate, where can one view said penis? didn’t Judi Dench say something about seeing it during filming, and that it was quite nice in size?

  11. Agreed

    Australian, Myself: agreed. Honestly, the “massage parlor” and “slavery” comments were really so racist and wrong on so many levels that I can’t even take the time to deal with it. There is no need, EVER, to go there, J. Harvey, and you need to check yourself.

  12. david

    There’s a difference between being snarky and then being prejudiced. There is no reason to talk about her race like that. I’m really disappointed. This site has really changed in my eyes because of that remark.

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