Daniel Radcliffe Wants To Do The Creators Of ‘Sharknado 3′ A Huge Favor & Star In Their Film

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Could we be so lucky?

The ridiculous SciFi film Sharknado is so campy that it’s actually considered sort of brilliant, kind of like how dry ice is so cold that it burns your skin off like fire. The universe works in mysterious ways.

And because 25-year-old Daniel Radcliffe is one of the coolest dudes in showbiz, being a perfect gentleman and shaving heads for fun, he wants to do the creators a huge favor and up the quality of this shit show to gold standard by actually starring in it. But he has one important condition.

Seen here, Daniel attends the New York premiere of What If at the Regal E-Walk 13 in New York City, New York on August 4th. Dan looks great in his navy blue dress shirt and suit while taking selfies with his adorable fans. And that beard scruff is looking handsome as hell on him.

According to the Mirror, a source says that the creator was backstage at the Today Show while Daniel was visiting and asked if Radcliffe would consider joining the cast.

“Daniel said he loved the film and said he would do it if they found an amazing way for him to die.”

Can you imagine DanRad dying a grisly death, being ripped apart by a shark? God, I love this beautiful British bastard. He truly is the very human embodiment of Harry Potter, understandably flawed yet perfectly authentic and cheeky.