Daniel Radcliffe To Oversharing Celebs Who Ask For Privacy: ‘No One Is Going To Take That Request Seriously’

Daniel Radcliffe Films 'Horns'
Daniel shows off an interesting look for his new movie.
Displaying an ironclad grasp of logic (he is a Hogwarts man, after all), Daniel Radcliffe has just dropped a major truth bomb about living in the limelight.

In an interview with the UK’s Sky News, Radcliffe called out the inherent hypocrisy of celebs who overshare on social media, then complain about their lack of privacy.

Now here’s a message worthy of a PSA: “If you go on Twitter and tell everybody what you’re doing moment to moment and then claim you want a private life, then no one is going to take that request seriously.”

So, what can a celebrity tortured by their own fame do? The 24-year-old, who has neither a Twitter nor Facebook, has some advice: “There’s certain things you can do to make it a lot easier on yourself…If you don’t, for instance, go to premieres that aren’t for a film you’re in, or don’t just turn up at other events, then that’s going to help to not fuel the interest.”

That’s a pretty solid game plan Daniel, but most other celebs aren’t set for life before hitting 25 – they need to scrape by on a few million dollars a year, so I respect their hustle, you know? Attending events to keep your name out there doesn’t exactly mean a person doesn’t deserve some privacy.

Meanwhile, the former Harry Potter star has been quietly keeping busy, starring in Kill Your Darlings as iconic American poet Allen Ginsberg. As part of the film’s UK promotion, Radcliffe attended a cut-up art event (in which text is deliberately cut up and rearranged) in London.

Launch the gallery to see the outspoken actor as he smiles (then sort of grimaces) at the Waterloo Station where the exhibition was launched. And tell us what you think – are oversharing celebs to blame for their own lack of privacy? Let us know in the comments!

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