Daniel Radcliffe Talks ‘Twilight’ And Robert Pattinson

May 14th, 2011 // 13 Comments

Daniel Radcliffe is a favorite in the hearts of many a ‘Harry Potter’ fan, but he says that anyone could be popular if they had played the famous wizard. At the 92Y series Broadway Talks in Manhattan, Radcliffe spoke on his role as ‘Harry Potter’ and the success of Robert Pattinson in the ‘Twilight’ series.

Harry Potter was a phenomenon when I was 7-years-old, that’s when [the book] came out; it was a phenomenon before I was even remotely attached,” Radcliffe told E!, “The reason I say [that anyone who played him would have become famous] is I was speaking to the director of the first Twilight film, and she said she went to a reading of the books Stephenie Meyer was giving of the first Twilight book. This was before Robert Pattinson was cast. And she said the name Edward Cullen, and the audience went crazy at the name.”

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Seen here, actor Daniel Radcliffe listens to some music as he takes a walk through the West Village in New York City, New York City on May 13th. Even though Dan is a little short, he is one adorably handsome guy! I’m loving his leather jacket and slim jeans combo here! Recently, Dan was overlooked for a Tony award, but got a standing ovation for ‘How To Succeed In Business’. His new film ‘The Woman In Black’ looks to be one fabulous display of handsome Daniel Radcliffe!

By Chelsi Archibald


    Yes ROB, All your friends is my friends to . I think Daniel R. is perfect for my daughter ; what say ROB? No comment for ‘ Harry Potter’ because I don’t watch. P.S. I LOVE YOU ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HP

      The quote is more intensive than this. Daniel sounded really jealous of Rob because he’s stuck on Broadway and can’t get any lead acting roles in Hollywood. Daniel was wrong about anyone being able to play Edward because Rob wasn’t initially loved by some fans. There was a petition. So anyone couldn’t play Edward and be loved.

      Daniel is mad. He’s angry because he’s been Harry for ages and no one is falling over him anymore. He can walk the streets of NY and no one cares. Dan needs to get over himself. Rob was a struggling broke actor all the years he was Harry Potter making millions.

      Rob’s earned everything he’s getting today. He’s taken his lumps. Maybe it’s time for Mr. Dan to get his.

  2. just me

    two worthy guys whom great job made the world just a little bit better place.Happy Birthday, Robert!


    DANIEL IS GOOD LOOKING IN THIS PHOTOS OH BUT WONDER FULL WHILE HE WEARING CAP HIS AWESOME……. LAST BUT NOT LIST HE ANYTHING WEARING HE LOOKS ALWAYS HANDSOME…………….LOVE U DANIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. sumaya siddika

    u dog and tiny harry i never lov u ok,u r not beautifull ,i never see harry poter without its 4th part where had rob,rob is most and only beautifull………….sexyyyyyyy,cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee boy in this world,u never be chooce for twlight tiny guy,ha ha ha

  5. sumaya siddika

    rob is my and only my life,u r jealous and greedy ugly tiny guy,harry potter same same……..

  6. sumaya siddika

    without beautiful rob no one is perfect for beautiful edward.u say u any one or u could do this ,how fanny ,,,,,,,,see dream,,,,ok,robsten 4ever

  7. Gina

    I’m a big fan of the Harry Potter series and I can see where he’s coming from here. If someone else had played Edward or Harry, they would have received just as much attention as Dan and Rob. However, there was a reason as to why each of them were cast in their respective roles. With that, I hope to see the Harry Potter cast become very successful after completing the series. I can’t wait to see ‘The Woman in Black’. I wish I could see Dan on Broadway, but I’m not sure if that will be possible.

    Oh and to the ‘Rob fans’ on here, Dan wasn’t insulting him. While I’m not a Rob fan myself, he seems like a decent guy and I wouldn’t be surprised if he would say the same thing about himself that Dan said. It’s the roles they played that gained them fame and attention. If someone else had those roles, they would be famous instead.

    • jamie

      Rob would absolutely say the same thing about himself. However, he would NEVER say that about Daniel, and that’s the difference. You can diminish your own success and that’s just being humble. But to diminish someone else’s comes off as sour grapes.

  8. sumaya siddika

    gina u have not eye,u can not about buautifullness,hou can this tipe of thing about edward or rob?u have any comonseance, must u dont,den ugly guy and also so sort,he is sort than me,harry potter is not populer then twlight,i think u r light baby yet dear so that u watch harry potter yet,harry potter so ruch,the story is boring oh ,i watch it every part,now den is ……….ug…..ly………

  9. DragonPoison

    I read all of your comments sumaya siddika, and let me tell you what:
    First of all, you have a veeery bad taste to think that Harry Potter is boring and Twilight is better (God’s sake!).
    Secondly, I don’t want to harm you, but….Robert will never,never,never,never,NEVER EVER reach Daniel, my dear…..Daniel is far away better actor and good looking man than Robert. Robert is just a tepid actor for tepid movies…no interesting at all! And Robert Pattinson is NOT sexy or cute or anything else you say in MY eyes….(the only Robert i find sexy is Robert Sheehan)
    I saw Twilight and I must inform you that I fell asleep from the first 20 minutes….
    And PLEASE, don’t think that Twilight is better in any way than Harry Potter….Before the first Harry Potter movie was made, who knew Twilight or Robert Pattinson?….Ummm…..Nobody??? So stop telling these stupid things, ok?
    To end that, you shouldn’t insult the celebrities you don’t like. You like Robert, I like Daniel,Rupert and Emma, that’s your opinion and i respect that. I said my opinion and I believe you are wrong,but….you are not me :) and Dan is not ugly :)
    Anyway,be more gentle next time :) thanx for hearing me :)

  10. Daniel Radcliffe Blue Jeans Black Leather Jacket Green Tee Baseball Cap Headphones Black Converse Sneakers
    diana manuel
    Commented on this photo:

    ..hi dan i am 1of your biggest fan here in manila.i am hoping to see u in person very soon..u know that i love” harry potter movie” very much.aside from watching it,i used to read the book for several times coz it made me understand more about the story..so now that the final episode was fast approaching i can say that i was so sad very badly.i will surely miss this biggest movie of every year.The part 1 of the last episode was so good yet so sad,i couldn’t stop crying when dobbie died.i cant wait for the last part of it although i know that it makes me feel so sad because of its ending..how i wish that it would not be the last time i got to see harry,ron and hermione on screen..stay happy guys..i love u all..

  11. zinath

    dear daniel,
    u r looking very cute in blue jeans .

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