Daniel Radcliffe Talks ‘Twilight’ And Robert Pattinson

Daniel Radcliffe is a favorite in the hearts of many a ‘Harry Potter’ fan, but he says that anyone could be popular if they had played the famous wizard. At the 92Y series Broadway Talks in Manhattan, Radcliffe spoke on his role as ‘Harry Potter’ and the success of Robert Pattinson in the ‘Twilight’ series.

Harry Potter was a phenomenon when I was 7-years-old, that’s when [the book] came out; it was a phenomenon before I was even remotely attached,” Radcliffe told E!, “The reason I say [that anyone who played him would have become famous] is I was speaking to the director of the first Twilight film, and she said she went to a reading of the books Stephenie Meyer was giving of the first Twilight book. This was before Robert Pattinson was cast. And she said the name Edward Cullen, and the audience went crazy at the name.”

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Seen here, actor Daniel Radcliffe listens to some music as he takes a walk through the West Village in New York City, New York City on May 13th. Even though Dan is a little short, he is one adorably handsome guy! I’m loving his leather jacket and slim jeans combo here! Recently, Dan was overlooked for a Tony award, but got a standing ovation for ‘How To Succeed In Business’. His new film ‘The Woman In Black’ looks to be one fabulous display of handsome Daniel Radcliffe!