Daniel Radcliffe Talks To ‘BULLETT’ Magazine About ‘Harry Potter’ And Getting Naked [PHOTOS]

Daniel Radcliffe
The actor on the red carpet.
Daniel Radcliffe stopped by Hudson Diner in Manhattan’s West Village for a chat with BULLETT Magazine about – what else – the end of Harry Potter and the beginning of a new chapter in his professional life.

“I hadn’t thought that I’d be sad at all when it came to finishing the films, but then it happened and I was weeping,” Radcliffe said of the franchise that made him one of the richest young actors in show business.  “When you’re doing something for that long with the same people, you kind of start thinking, God, can I do anything else?

As for getting naked in Equus?  Please, that’s nothing for Radcliffe.  “I’m an only child. We’ve always walked around the house naked. Some people find that weird, but I don’t. But some nights there would be some beautiful girl in the front row and I’d be like, Oh f***, in two hours you’re going to have seen everything — there is going to be no mystery.”