Daniel Radcliffe Talks Meeting Rosie Coker’s Parents With Graham Norton [PHOTOS]

Little Daniel Radcliffe
The 'Harry Potter' star back in 2008.
Daniel Radcliffe admitted on The Graham Norton Show that his life has become an open book.

 “In the last year I’ve come to the conclusion that the easiest way to be is to have as little difference between how people perceive you and how you actually are,” Radcliffe, who promoted The Woman In Black in Moscow, Russia yesterday (February 16th) explained.  “Otherwise, I come and do interviews like this and I feel like I am lying or have something to hide. I talked about Rosie because pictures came out and people asked, “Who’s she” and I talked about the drinking thing because it came up and it felt better to be honest.”

Radcliffe was referring to girlfriend Rosie Coker, according to Metro UK, whose parents he just met.  “I just met my girlfriend’s parents for the first time, but we are a little way off calling them my in-laws. It was a uniquely nerve-wracking experience,” Radcliffe told Norton.

“She wasn’t there and I took them out for lunch. It was lovely but at the end of it I did have to ask, “Have I passed?” We are still going out so I guess it was all okay.”