Daniel Radcliffe Shaves A Stranger’s Head On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, Looks Hot While Doing So

July 30th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

Before we get to Daniel Radcliffe shaving some random dude’s head on national television, can we talk about how freaking sexy he looks?

The actor popped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to plug his new movie, What If, and he managed to look beyond sexy in the process. I’m loving the fashion, I’m loving the way the wind is tussling his hair, his eyes look beautiful–basically, he looks like he stepped out of a magazine.

Bravo, Dan. Now, back to shaving a stranger’s heads. 

The good people of Jimmy Kimmel Livethought it would be funny to have Daniel shave some stranger’s hair on Hollywood Boulevard. And oh my god, were they right. The stranger in question, also named Dan, was quite nice about the whole thing, although I suspect some people who see him will be shocked his mop of curls is gone.

Daniel (Radcliffe) was quite thorough with everything. The best part though? All the random people walking by who recognize Daniel. Who knew Harry Potter could give a haircut like that? Check out the video below, then launch the gallery for some swoon-worthy Radcliffe. I love all of this.

By Sabba Rahbar

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