Daniel Radcliffe Quotes Periodic Table, Like A Boss!

Daniel Radcliffe was a celebrity guest on Graham Norton’s show Nov. 12th and he didn’t disappoint! According to The Sun, Daniel wore a red poppy on his lapel for Remembrance Day and prepared for his ‘party piece’. He prepped the audience by letting them know he was nervous about performing a song which he had practiced the night before. As it turns out, Tom Lehrer is one of Radcliffe’s heroes and wrote a little ditty about the periodic table of elements, which Daniel then recited at top speed. And people say Hermione is the know-it-all!

Rihanna and Collin Farrell, two other guests of the show, were there to witness Radcliffe’s song and tried to stifle their amazement and laughter.

Radcliffe, along with his costars Emma Watson and Rupert Grint premiered Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows on Nov. 11th in the cold London rain. It sounds like they’ve saved the best for last and fans just can’t get enough.