Daniel Radcliffe Talks About Upcoming Role While On ‘The F Word’ Set [PHOTOS]

Harry Potter Is In Love
Daniel Radcliffe and new girlfriend stroll hand in hand
Everyone’s favorite wizard, Daniel Radcliffe, or popularly known as Harry Potter, is stepping outside of the magical fantasy world of Hogwarts and into new and exciting roles.

Radcliffe is a busy bee. And by busy bee, I mean there’s no slowing down for this 23-year-old star. He’s currently filming for The F Word and is also in the works to star in a British mini-series. In this new role, Radcliffe will play a doctor in the early 20th century of Russia and younger version of Jon Hamm who also stars in Mad Men.

While having his hands tied in his current role with co-star Zoe Kazan, Radcliffe is still able to be pumped up for his upcoming gig, MTV News reported.

I’m going to turn into Jon Hamm. That’s incredible news. If that comes to pass, I will be very, very happy.

As Hamm’s younger and past counterpart, the story will unfold as Hamm looks back to his younger days. The series will allow the two to interact as the past meets the future, and as Hamm’s character reminisces about his life. It will be a twist from Radcliffe’s Harry Potter days, and a making in the works that you won’t want to miss.

Check out the gallery to see Radcliffe on the set of The F Word (without his wand of course)!