Daniel Radcliffe Looks Cute While Promoting ‘What If’, Doesn’t Like The Idea Of Sexting

July 22nd, 2014 // Leave a Comment

Yes, it felt like the perfect time of day for some Daniel Radcliffe cuteness.

The actor has been busy in Toronto the past few days, promoting his latest movie What If. If you’re thinking, “I haven’t heard of that before,” it’s because it was called The F Word, and it’s actually still called that everywhere but America. “F” in this case stands for “friendship.”

Daniel looked way cute in his suit last night at the Toronto premiere. I prefer it to his eTalk look from today. But you’re not here for fashion, you’re here for sexting. 

Specifically, how Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t do it. Seeing as What If deals with relationships, the folks at MTV asked Daniel about his relationship textingf habits. “Everyone in the world is used to a really fast rate of text, and I just don’t match up to that. The perennial complaint is that I’m crap at it. … I’m not a good texter.” Aww, Daniel. That’s OK.

But while he can still text, he doesn’t understand sexting, “I just don’t get how that would ever be the culmination of satisfaction.” According to Daniel, his version of sexting would end up, “becom[ing] a 1950s English soap opera character as well.”  Umm, I would actually be OK with that.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Daniel being cute this week. And they even gave him a cake on eTalk because it’s his birthday tomorrow. How sweet. Side note: super excited about What If. Check out the trailer below and you will be too.

By Sabba Rahbar

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