Daniel Radcliffe Grows Some ‘Horns’ On Set, Got In A Bathtub With Jon Hamm [PHOTOS]

Daniel On 'SNL'
Daniel Radcliffe rips off his shirt for the Target lady.
Little Daniel Radcliffe
The 'Harry Potter' star back in 2008.
It’s still crazy seeing Daniel Radcliffe without his Hogwarts cloak and round glasses, but we’re loving it!

The young actor was spotted yesterday (November 1) shooting some super intense scenes for his new movie, Horns. In case you can’t tell, Daniel actually has some horns on his head! We’re not exactly sure what is going on in this scene, but it looks like a man with a shotgun is not too happy with Daniel’s character.

Horns tells the story of a young man, played by Daniel, who finds he grows strange horns and has evil powers after the mysterious death of his girlfriend. Seems like it should be pretty scary. Just this crazed, horned Daniel on set is sort of freaking me out. Now, what’s all this about Daniel getting in a bathtub with Jon Hamm?

It’s totally true and it’s awesome! Daniel and Mad Men’s Jon Hamm both star in the upcoming miniseries, A Young Doctor’s Notebook. Daniel and Jon play the younger and older version of a Russian doctor during the 1917 revolution. We’re not exactly sure how the two characters interact, but if their promo pictures are anything to go by, it should be one awesome movie.

Well, it seems that Daniel has not only escaped the child star curse, but the type casting curse as well. Here’s to hoping he goes on to star in many more movies to come. He’s quite a fine actor.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the set of Horns. What do you guys think of the movie so far? Seem freaky? Any of you read the book? Sound off in the comments!