Daniel Radcliffe Admits Struggles With Alcoholism

The world (celebs included) is all abuzz over the last installment of the Harry Potter franchise; which finally comes out today!

And although we’ve grown to love and obsess over Daniel Radcliffe and company for the last ten years, Harry Daniel revealed on The Today Show about his prior struggles with alcoholism, and his now one-year sobriety.

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Daniel spoke openly about his reliance on alcohol from age 18-21, to make himself “interesting and enjoy life.” But since August of last year with the help of friends and family, he’s remained sober.

Precious Harry! Precious Daniel! In the words of my good friend, Bruno Mars, we love you just the way you are. Just leave Rupert at home next pub crawl around.

Check out the video of Daniel’s interview with Ann Curry after the jump!

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