Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz Spotted At Airport, Not Down To Talk Personal Life

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are such an adorable couple. Seriously, it’s like fans voted for their dream celebrity couple and the celebrities listened! The couple was spotted heading into New Jersey with Rachel’s son Henry, from her previous marriage to Darren Aronofsky.

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Even though we’ve seen them around together plenty of times, and can in fact confirm the marriage thanks to Rachel’s wedding band, the two are super private about their relationship. MailOnline quoted Daniel as saying, “I have a responsibility to protect the people around me. And I can’t protect them if I just give them up. You know, ‘Let me tell you something about them…’ That’s shooting them in the back, because how can they defend themselves? That goes for my family, my friends – and I expect that of the people I have around me. I say, ‘OK, we’ll look after each other, protect one another.'”

For those unfamiliar with the story, Daniel and Rachel met on the set of their new film Dreamhouse, playing husband and wife. Their chemistry was electric and the rest is history. And I hope it stays that way. Come on Hollywood, give us a celebrity marriage that lasts! Those are so few and far between it’s kind of exciting when it happens!

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One thing I want to know, why are they going to spend a weekend in New Jersey? Who does that? Anyone got an explanation? Make sure to check out the gallery to fully appreciate how cute they are together. It’s almost too cute. Thoughts?