Daniel Craig In His Iconic ‘Casino Royale’ Bathing Suit: Happy 50th Anniversary James Bond [PHOTO]

James Bond fans on Friday celebrated 50 years of the suave British spy’s adventures on the silver screen with a day of 007-themed events around the world.

Bond appeared in a film for the first time in the now classic Dr. No, released on October 5, 1962, introducing himself with the immortal line “Bond… James Bond” over a high-stakes game of baccarat.

The movie franchise has gone on to become one of the most successful in history, with the 22 Bond films taking in more than five billion dollars.

To mark Global Bond Day, British diva Adele released a clip of the theme song for “Skyfall”, the 23rd and newest Bond film, on her website as anticipation built for its worldwide premiere on October 23. 

The rugged Daniel Craig is the latest of six actors to play Bond, but some things have stayed the same – his taste for fast cars, beautiful women, high-tech gadgets and vodka Martinis.

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