Daniel Craig As James Bond In Limbo

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a James Bond film and even Daniel Craig isn’t really sure how much longer the Bond dynasty will last.  Craig just finished filming the most recent film Bond 23, but expressed his frustrations to  MTV News about not knowing how many more Bond films he has left. Seeing that MGM is having major financial troubles, the newest movie may be its last.

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As much as it’s sad to hear that James Bond’s fate is in limbo, I’m glad to see that Craig has other things that are going well with him.  Between his new family, his other projects like Dream House, and hot photo shoots for Esquire Magazine, it seems that he’ll be fine with or without playing Bond.  Craig was seen out and about in West Village, New York on October 2, 2011 wearing a blazer and cap.

Listen to Daniel Craig talk about his new movie Bond 23 and his feelings on the fate of his character after the jump.