Daniel Craig Actually Flashes A Smile While Promoting ‘Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ [PHOTOS]

Well someone was in a good mood today!

The typically cranky, but very hunky, Daniel Craig made the rounds on the New York City talk show circuit today to promote his new film The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. He even signed autographs for fans outside of the Live with Kelly studios.

With director David Fincher helming the project, Daniel was instantly drawn to starring in the feature. “Look, I’m a David Fincher fan, so it was an easy choice to make when accepting this film,” Daniel told MTV News at the film’s New York City red carpet premiere.

“It’s a great story. It’s an adult movie. The babysitters are going to get, hopefully, a lot of money out of this film. That’s why I wanted to get involved.”

Daniel was thoroughly impressed with his co-star Rooney Mara’s performance. The fledgling actress who has just received a Golden Globe nomination for her work in this film really shined on set.

“We all knew [Rooney] was good. She’s just committed as an actress, and she made all of the right choices with David’s help and everyone else’s help,” he said. “She’s just blossomed as somebody. As I said, we knew from the beginning that she was good enough — it was everyone else who had the problem.”