‘Dancing With The Stars’ Preimeres To Huge Numbers, Kate Gosselin Not So Great

The two-hour premiere of Dancing With The Stars last night earned ABC some monster ratings with some 23.9 million viewers, the biggest premiere ever. It’s no surprise with an amazing cast for their 10th season, there’s someone to root for no matter who you are.

Nicole Scherzinger  is clearly the most experienced in the dance world she didn’t disappoint with a gliding Viennese waltz. Shannon Doherty fans were probably happy the 902010′s performance and as she becomes more comfortable the fear will likely melt away. She looked like she was having fun. Kate Gosselin admitted that the dancing part of the show would stand in her way of winning and she was stiff as a board and not light as a feather last night. Many felt the grapple with not being in control was written all over her face. Pamela Anderson’s auntie was adorable the Baywatch babe got cheers as soon as she pulled out her first strut. Who were your favorites last night?

 Check out many of the performances after the jump in case you missed it.