Dancing With The Stars Can’t Handle Florence Henderson


In honor of Jason Derulo performing, I thought I would announce myself in his fashion.

Here on Elimination Night at Dancing With The Stars, there were some craaazy surprises!  The dancers from the two worst performances ended up being safe.  Kyle & Lacey and Bristol & Mark escaped the clutches of Len, and have survived for another night.  Then again, Len was incredibly fond of the monkey suits.

We had to endure Brandy & Maks defiling the sanctity of Friends yet again, but I’ve already vented about that.  No mas.

I have honestly had enough of these weirdo fake commercials.  Is this what they do with the extra minutes in the hour?  “Bring It Like Bruno” made me sad.  I lost a little respect for Bruno there.

A family from The Congo danced for their mother, and they were the best dancers on the show – Not only did they dance to Beggin’, aka the best song ever, their story was incredibly sweet and moving.  Cheers to you, DWTS, for having these guys on instead of another commercial from the Hoff.

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As for our lovely dancers, more surprises came when it was announced who was in jeopardy.  Cheryl & Rick, Florence & Corky, Jennifer & Derek
What??  Three of the best pairs?  If I had to choose, I would send Rick
home.  He’s a good dancer, but he doesn’t have the sass that the other
two have.  Unfortunately, America voted and crushed my dreams, because
my favorite crazy lady, Florence, went home.NOOOOOO!  I will
say, she had the most impressive goodbye out of everyone so far.  She
thanked literally everyone who worked on the show.  Tom said that
he will miss the “childlike glee” of Florence while she danced, while I
am going to miss her inappropriate and hilarious dancing.  At least
now, she and son Greg can continue their illicit romance.