Dancing Crew Glad They Don’t Have to Look At Kate Gosselin Anymore

April 23rd, 2010 // 1 Comment

There’s more to celebrate about Kate Gosselin‘s booting from Dancing With The Stars than being spared her atrocious, awkward dance moves. Apparently, the cast and crew couldn’t be more thrilled that now they don’t have to put up with her diva-like antics.

An inside scoop tells that Kate would make outrageous demands during rehearsals like telling crew members they weren’t allowed to look at her.

couldn’t be more relieved,” a crew member says. “We all had to walk on eggshells around [Kate]. At least we
don’t have to worry about where our eyes can or can’t drift off to now.”

I could have guessed as much after her frightening zombie-monster performance of paparazzi; Kate just doesn’t like all these eyes on her. Or she’s cray-cray.

“Kate just thought that everyone was out to get her,” the source adds.

Kate I have some advice: if you don’t want people paying attention to you, lay the eff low. Making an appearance yesterday on Regis and Kelly isn’t helping keep people from looking you in the eye.

By Lola Robertson

  1. Storm34

    People who are celebrity’s are that because of something they do sing, dance, act, make us laugh, that is why people like them, we like to be entertained.

    Kate on the other hand, we met her w/her family on a reality TV show, cute kids, haggard husband that she demeaned for years and he finally left, so who could find her entertaining, we know her, we know how she is.

    Celebrity’s play nice together, Kate didn’t, Celebrity’s know how to handle criticism, Kate doesn’t, celebrity’s surround them selves with people that protect and advise said celebrity, Kate, who is protecting her someone from TLC ? I mean we all know that she can’t afford anything, so how could she afford “people”?? Who pays for the bodyguard …………TLC?

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