‘Dancing With The Stars’ Pro Derek Hough Remains Hunky As He Shows Off His Guns & His Dog

Derek Hough's Pecs
Derek Hough shows off his fine form in Los Angeles.
Well hello there Derek Hough! So nice of you and your perfectly sculpted arms to stop by for a visit.

The Dancing With The Stars hottie was spotted in Los Angeles earlier today heading to rehearsals for this season of the hit show alongside his trusted doggy companion.

Sure tank top wearing Derek Hough is no shirtless, hula dancing Derek Hough, but with summer winding down we’ll basically take whatever we can get, am I right? Also, I’ve never said this before but, I’m actually excited about this season of DWTS

I mean, how could anything be bad when it involves a dancing Bill Nye the Science Guy? It can’t! I’m also really excited to see Derek tear up the dance floor with Amber Riley. Of course I hope most of that tearing up will happen while he’s shirtless. Regardless, this should definitely be a very interesting group of folks.

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