Dan Steven & Dominic Cooper Are The Hottest Guys You’re Gonna See All Day

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Oh. My. Goodness. There is so much hotness happening right now that I cannot even deal with.

Dan Stevens and Dominic Cooper both hit the red carpet today for the premiere of their new flick, Summer In February. We’ll get to the movie in a second, but first we’ve gotta take some time and appreciate how good these two look.

Guys, I’m really liking this new brown-haired Dan. At first I was a little bit skeptical of the look, but now I am so, so for it. And that gray suit he’s sporting isn’t hurting the hot factor one bit. 

Oh, and Dominic Cooper is basically perfection. Do you guys remember him in History Boys? Golden. Also, according to some reports he’s on the shortlist to become the new Doctor on Doctor Who, and I am totally OK with that.

Also, Summer In February is about an Edwardian artists colony. Just take my money already. Launch the gallery to get your daily does of sexy. You’ll thank me for it.