Damn You Ke$ha And Your Almost Nip Slip!

At first I was like who is that pretty girl. Then I read the caption and found out that it was Ke$ha. Ugh. She was spotted spending the day at Bondi Beach with some friends in Sydney. The “Tik Tok” singer wore a rather revealing black, one piece swimsuit as she splashed, almost revealed a nipple, and swam around in the ocean.

I’m just gonna come clean on this – I can’t stand Ke$ha. First of all the dollar sign in the name. Come on! Second the rats nest of the hair that she usually sports. Third, the crappy music. She tries SO SO hard to be all hip and cool, but it just doesn’t work. She comes off as a poor man’s Lady Gaga.

My advice to Ke$ha, stop the insults, lose the getups, you’re actually a pretty girl, and sing.