Damien, It’s All For You!


And it shall be a human number – 666! The scariest Goth devil couple in Hollywood, Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter, are with demon. Dude, isn’t she kinda up there now? Watch out, because his ex-girlfriend is a dangerous vampira and will suck the life out of that child if she gets ahold of it. Who am I kidding – that kid’s going to be cloaked in darkness and summoning Baal, Eater of Children! He’ll suck the marrow out of that jealous bitch’s bones!

“[They] are very happy to be expecting their second child later this year,” says her rep, Karon Maskill.

Their baby is due in December. The couple already have a 3-year-old son, Billy Raymond Burton.

They already have a kid? And he hasn’t eaten the world? Get this, she said in 2003 that they lived in adjoining homes connected by a door. And her decoration was “Beatrix Potter” and his was “James Bond”. What the f*ck? Maniacs! That’s a lie, you know it was Dracula’s Castle.

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