Rose Byrne Enjoys a “Sexy” Relationship with Glenn Close on “Damages”

Because we’re hooked on the FX series, “Damages,” and its stars Glenn Close and Rose Byrne, it’s hard to resist constantly posting pictures and interview snippets here on ASL. It’s a compelling argument against those television snobs who argue that scripted television is losing the battle against trashy reality TV (which we happen to believe has a rightful place on the airwaves, but that’s a whole other post altogether…). Glenn Close recently described the relationship between her character, Patty Hewes, and Ellen Parson (played by Byrne) as “sexy.” In reaction, Byrne told the New York Daily News:

“In terms of the privilege and power that Patty represents, yeah, she’s probably very seductive to Ellen,” Byrne says. “To be honest, I hadn’t seen that in it. That lifestyle, the glamour, the otherworldly quality of it – it’s powerful stuff. It’s very easy to get swept up into someone else’s world like that.”

For video from the show, click here and in case you’re interested in our homegrown review of the pilot of the series, you can always catch up here.

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