Dalmatian Puppies Go Crazy Over Some Peanut Butter [VIDEO]

March 1st, 2013 // Leave a Comment
Peanut Butter Dalmatian Insanity
Who doesn't go crazy for peanut butter?

I’m a big peanut butter fan too.

Plus, a baby goat plays some peek-a-boo, six mice hanging out on top of a dog, a gorilla who really loves playing in the leaves, plus that adorable video of a baby sloth giving a flower as a gift.

Watch those videos below! 


You’d find this annoying too.

Leaves are a blast!

Why thank you!

Sledding Pugs
Pugs Sledding
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A pacified cat.
Cat Sucking On Pacifier
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Puppy vs Treadmill
Puppy Versus A Treadmill
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By Michael Prieve

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