Dakota Fanning’s Rape Scene–Reactions At Sundance

Ever since word of Dakota Fanning’s rape scene in the movie, “Hounddog,” got out, controversy has surrounded the film, with a number of organizations and individuals speaking out against the use of such a young actress. However, Leah Rozen of People magazine reports that perhaps it was all much ado about nothing. From her Sundance Diary:

The Catholic League and other child protection advocates denounced the film, saying that the filmmakers should have cast a young-looking adult rather than a child actress.

Details of the scene in question are after the jump.

Sundance Diary: About That Dakota Fanning ‘Rape Scene’ Controversy [People]


The scene in question is so restrained, however, and so far from exploitative, that objections are likely to fade once the movie is more widely seen. (It is still seeking a distributor.) Fanning is shot almost exclusively from the shoulders up in the scene, her face expressing her character’s terror, plus a few quick shots cut in of her hand or leg trembling.

Rozen goes on to add that perhaps the biggest disappointment is probably the film as a whole, which she describes as, “a swampy tale mired in southern gothic stereotypes,” that “meanders mightily in telling how its young heroine overcomes rape, lousy relatives and an obsession with Elvis Presley.” Ugh. Well, at least the rape isn’t the worst part of the movie, right? Maybe they can put that on the DVD as its selling point.