Dakota Fanning Seems Intent on Creeping Me Out

July 20th, 2006 // 7 Comments

At the ripe old age of 12, Dakota Fanning has decided to take on some decidedly adult themes with her latest movie role, which will require her to be shown in a very graphic rape scene. The New York Daily news reports:

The screenplay for “Hounddog” – a dark story of abuse, violence and Elvis Presley adulation in the rural South, written and directed by Deborah Kampmeier – calls for Fanning’s character to be raped in one explicit scene and to appear naked or clad only in “underpants” in several other horrifying moments.

Fanning’s mother, Joy, and her Hollywood agent, Cindy Osbrink, see the movie as a possible Oscar vehicle for the pint-size star. But despite Fanning’s status as a bankable actress – whose movies, including last year’s “War of the Worlds,” have earned more than half a billion dollars since 2001 – the alarming material seems to have scared off potential investors from the under-$5 million indie project.

What the hell is wrong with her parents? I understand that they want to groom Dakota to become an Oscar-winning adult actress, but jeez, now that the kid’s already made them way more money than they need to retire comfortably, how about at least waiting until she gets her period before she has to deal with a simulated rape scene?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. My exact thoughts! Why would her parents let her do that? No one wants to experience rape at that age, nevermind pretend. Even if it IS for a lot of money.

    I don’t know… it’s just too weird. I feel bad for the kid.

  2. dottcomm1

    i smell rehab in someone’s future!

  3. TheMatt

    Wait a sec, *THAT* creeps you out? Look at this:


    It makes me cringe…

  4. Boschka

    This is child abuse


  5. coffeegod

    Where in the H-E-double hockey sticks is Child Protective Services? Does the term ‘child pornography’ not mean anything if the parents are involved??

    No, wait…hell, I hate Hollyweird.

  6. T.J.

    It seems to me that her pareents and agent are more interested in making money off her than what affect this could have on her. Her parents are poor excuse for parents.

  7. Rehndal

    It’s called “Acting”! No one is getting hurt and she agreed to it herself. Dakota claims to have no issues with the scene and she said she knew what she was getting into before filming. I think some people get overly irrate over FICTION! Some nudity is legal if it’s done in an artistic fashion.

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