Dakota Fanning Has Her Priorities Straight

June 14th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

The Twi-Hards would probably argue exactly the opposite but it looks like Dakota Fanning is one Hollywood starlet with a good head on her shoulders, skipping a screening of Eclipse to take the ACT this Saturday.

“It could be really good or really bad, we’ll see,” Dakota, who plays one of the Volturi, said. “[I] did some guessing on my Scantron.”

Dakota said there was only one section that held her back. “I didn’t know one question on the science
section,” she said. “[Option] D sounds good! So I don’t know, that
was not good for me.
” [inside "scoop": a 17-year-old insider said the science was really hard too...aka my little sister]

But Dakota, pictured leaving an
early morning Pilates class on Friday, still isn’t exactly a normal teen. The busy actress took the test, but said she has no idea how it is scored! Best of luck Dakota!

By Lola Robertson

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