Dakota Fanning Gets Cherry Bomb Tattoo

When Dakota Fanning agreed to appear on George Lopez’s talk show, I don’t think that she expected that she’d be getting a tattoo out of the gig. Dakota appeared on Lopez Tonight last night to promote her film The Runaways, and got a little surprise.

Lopez brought up the idea of getting a tattoo, Dakota revealed she’d made a pact with her mom years ago promising never to get one. Not to be outdone, Lopez brought out one of Fannings favorite celebrities, Kat Von D, the heavily tagged tattoo artist and star of Miami Ink.

Von D inked the soon to be Twilight starlet with non-permanent ink backstage during a commercial break, drawing a “Cherry Bomb” graphic above the name “Dakota” that will only last until Dakota’s next bath.

I love the fact that Dakota is so poised, and together. Not your typical young starlet. Watch the videos from Dakota’s appearance on Lopez Tonight after the jump.

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