Dakota Fanning Inducted Into Girl Scouts

September 26th, 2005 // 36 Comments

In the first of many future inductions for young actress Dakota Fanning. What happened to the green uniforms? Turquoise is just not right.

(Image Courtesy of Splash News)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. what is it with you fucking people, anyway?

    Such a sweet looking little girl.

    Rather a shame to think that in just a few years, she’ll be tumbling drunk out of limos with Tara Reid.

  2. She needs a new stylist.

  3. fat mary kate

    ahhhhhhhhh shes creepy.

  4. maybe she’s in the special howard johnson’s troop of the girl scouts?

  5. I think its a combination of the turquoise coupled with the pink chucks that doesn’t look right. Or maybe its because she a minion of the devil?

  6. Lisa

    I first saw her in Taken and thought she was amazing. Now, after appearing in every movie I am sick of her.

  7. Ryann

    Why the F*ck is she wearing that on the Red Carpet?? I didn’t even like wearing that crap when I was 10, and I wasn’t even famous….

  8. Bella

    Turquoise? I remember when we all used to wear the good ol’ green uniforms… Wow, Girl Scoutting has changed alot…

  9. Girly Girl

    Um, I got kicked out of Girl Scouts for smoking in the woods on my 6th grade camp out. Its not my fault that all of the bugs grossed me out and I just needed a ciggy to calm the nerves…. damn elitist bitches.

  10. Maggie G

    She’s wearing it to give her street cred with her age group. She’s a walking/talking/programmed clone of a real child at this point. Parents have definately put a career in movies ahead of a real childhood. She’ll either go the Jody Foster route or Michael Jackson route. Either way, she’s in for a tough ride.

  11. mrs.dr

    i love kids, but this girl is hightly irritating.

  12. Bobby V

    WOW! The girl scouts have gucci like uniforms now. I was in the boy scouts myself. Our uniforms were nasty and the troup leader use to grope us in the community pool. Turned me off to any type of leadership. Too much unaccountable authority.

  13. sarah

    the turquiose unifroms are for girls enetring the cadet stage of girl scouts.

    Her induction was appearently a big event, and they showedone of her movies at it (hence the red carpet).

    Dakota’s kind of old for this. I was a GS when I was her age, but I had started a lot younger.

  14. Girly Girl

    Bobby V… sharing is caring.

    You might want to keep the pedophilia stuff close to the vest though… light and breezy baby. Light and breezy. Fix yourself a martini, light up a Marlboro, and just let it go hon.

  15. hepster

    Hey whats up with her funky teeth, all that money and she cant see a good dentist.

  16. mimi

    you guys are so harsh. she’s a little girl!

  17. bitty boop

    just the first step on the road to Scientology with her good friend, Tommy C.

  18. CityKitty

    She’s adorable and talented. Don’t be a hater.

  19. betty477

    I work at the Girl Scouts and I am mighty shocked that we gave her such a big show. WE are not allowed to align ourselves with any celebrities lest they develop drug problems later on. I was shocked when I got this email at work. She is on her way to becoming the next drew barrymore.

  20. Charlie's boys

    a 6o years old trap in a-how old is she? 13yr body.

  21. Silasdog

    Maggie G is on to something with her remarks. I won’t criticize a child this age, but show-biz childhoods generally make for strange adults.

  22. glamma

    i think Maggie G has a point.
    There are a few exceptions like Ron Howard, Jody Foster and one has to credit the parents.

  23. Roman Polanksi

    She’s hot! I’m just kidding.

  24. Lynne

    Very unsettling comments from some of you.
    She is a child that acts and is now a girl scout. Way to go. I remember walking over that bridge…

    I prefer the old green too. Maybe it is just the lightening.

  25. She is an very talented little girl… although there’s something about her that makes me wanna slap her around a few times.

    I don’t see her ending up like tara, my hunch is that she is very well disciplined, her family life very stable.
    She will accomplish much if she doesn’t get burned out with the business.

  26. Aww, I think she’s adorable. Not exactly appropriate attire for the red carpet, but adorable nonetheless.

  27. anongal

    I feel a bit mean saying this about a child, but I cannot stand this girl!!! She acts too mature for her age ad it makes her un-cute.

    Plus almost all the characters she plays in every single movie are annoying.

  28. anongal

    oh, and I disagree, she is no Drew Barrymore.

    See, there are ppl who don’t like her already…I blame the parents for the overexposure.

  29. Spaz Cadet

    Dude, she’s been eight for like, the past three years.

    Has she got that Gary Coleman disease?

  30. Marial

    shut up ! she is a doll !

  31. stacie

    spare the girl will ya, she’s still a kid.

  32. She looks so cute!!!!

  33. R

    I absolutely adore her. She’s the cutest thing ever, with that translucent skin and huge blue eyes. Plus, the kid can act circles around anyone in Hollywood three times her age.

    Why is everyone so mean about her? Be sweet, it’s a little girl!

  34. Marney75

    Patches!?! We don’t need no stinkin’ patches!!!

  35. Harmonika Savingsbonds

    Look at the little bitch. Obviously, she’s had some work done.

  36. Kerry

    I think alot of you shouldn’t lighten up about her!! I think she is the cutest thing anyone’s ever layed eyes on (including me), plus she’s very talented and has quite a head on her shoulders. As alot of you may not know, she learned to read at the age of 2 (which is not common for children that young).

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