Dakota Fanning Stays Green In The City [PHOTOS]

Elle & Dakota Fanning
The famous sisters covered 'W' Magazine.
Actress Dakota Fanning was spotted staying green as she did some recycling after buying stamps in New York City yesterday.

The young actress, who was just announced as one of the jurors for the Tribeca Film Festival, wore a sun hat, a cute purple dress, and a pair of velcro shoes.

The young actress vowed never to join social networking site Twitter. Earlier this month, she told Wonderland magazine: 

“I really don’t need to let people know where I am and what I’m doing. I feel like a lot of people want their privacy but yet they tell people where they are. It’s just not for me. I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter and I won’t. There’s plenty of impostors out there. There’s enough Dakota Fannings on Twitter for all of us.”

If only Rihanna felt the same way.