Dakota Fanning Adds ‘Model’ To Resume

Dakota Fanning must have heard the former celebrity teen queens that fell off their pillars praying for her to misstep and ruin her career as they did, because she just added “model” to her resume without batting a lash on that red Volturi eyeball.

This weekend, Nylon magazine spotted Fanning on the IMG Model Board next to Liv Tyler and Lauren Hutton.  “Although that doesn’t necessarily mean anything for Dakota’s possible fashion career, we hope since we spotted her at the Miu Miu show, she might star in their future campaign,” said Nylon.

I’m not surprised. Fanning always looks pristine and picture perfect, choosing angelic, demure gowns or cute frills for her red carpet looks, which is a far cry from the dark layers she wore walking through LAX on Dec. 8. Guess this is her “edgy” look.