Dakota And Elle Fanning Cover ‘W’ Magazine

Dakota Fanning may have found a way to overshadow her recent Marc Jacobs ad campaign controversy. Posing with her little doppelganger sister Elle Fanning, Dakota looks stunning in the December issue of W Magazine. The spread goes in a decidedly different direction from the perfume campaign, as the sisters appear in several high-fashion poses instead of Lolita-inspired baby-doll dresses.

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It’s obvious from the shoot that the camera loves the Fanning Sisters. The Fashion Spot noted that “They’re both adorable, I sometimes find Elle a little too young to be pushed so much into an industry that messes up the head of most people her age but I guess it helps that she’s continually working with her sister and that she [Dakota] has continued to prioritize her education and serve as a good role model.”

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While the entertainment industry is definitely a difficult place for tweens and teens to step into without being chewed up and spit back out (See: Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera), it’s worth noting that Dakota is held as an example of balance. As we recently reported, she’s heading to university, and continually chooses interesting and weighty roles over the traditional route of pop tart, flesh-baring films. Here’s hoping that she guides Elle down that same path.

Check out the photo spread in the gallery and tell us what you think: Do you prefer the high-fashion Fannings, or the more controversial ad campaign?